The Tax-Free World Exhibition & Conference event is a duty-free and travel retailers absolute haven. This unmissable international gathering will see more than 3,000 traveller-oriented brands in attendance, while directly reaching more than 2,000 key player retailers and major international executives. This bustling Cannes event attracts over 12,000 professionals annually and invites ner exhibits, sponsors and licensees each year. Interested in increasing your brand or business exposure? Be sure to apply for an exhibit permit (note: applicants must be brand-owners, worldwide distributors or licensees).

 For a fascinating, global-scale, magnificent window shop in an exciting industry-wide forum, the Tax-Free World Exhibition & Conference is unmissable. Network one on one with notable industry influencers, and from the 29th of September to the 4th of October, review the wide range of over 500 companies in attendance so that you can benefit from trend insights and innovations prior to market release.

 Stimulate your ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking with multiple peer-driven events, workshops and conferences.

Consider the domestic and international range of diverse categorized competitor offerings, and encourage your own strategic brand and product thinking. If you’re exhibiting, take advantage of exposure to over 2,000 executives in person, and enjoy beneficial optimization of your existing commercial relationships, along with the creation of new ones too.


They say that in business, ‘it’s all about who you know’, and if nothing else, the Tax-Free World Exhibition & Conference event is a prime opportunity for quality, in-depth, meaningful connection creation. Allow on-site senior executives to help hone and shape your market strategy, so you can come away with an even better brand and business positioning strategy.

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