SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX Sept. 20th – 22nd 2019

The Singapore Grand Prix 2019 is a truly glamorous event and showcases the best of the best in international standards. In September, get jet-set to Singapore and see its spectacular surrounds!

Indulge in this host country’s service-oriented excellence which you’ll no doubt find detectable within its premium five-star hotels, superior wine and dining opportunities and endless event offerings. As the premier Asiatic Region, F1 favourite, it’s a bonafide ritzy annual gathering spot for fans from home and afar, who want to see fast speeds, gasp at tight tracks and explore distinguished exotic surrounds.


The high-speed excitement of the Singapore Grand Prix features enigmatic entertainment with no scrimp on expense. Marvel at the high attention to detail by this five-star host country, and learn from its inspired coordination and event streamlining. The top octane event was originally developed by 2007 Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone, alongside well-known domestic entrepreneur Ong Beng Seng, with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board. In 2019, it’s now an iconic racing event thanks to its unique atmosphere and original presentation.


The race is based on the Marina Bay public roads, where they’re transformed into blockbuster movie style scenes with strong lighting and powerfully illuminated tracks. Though it’s not an easy circuit, and now has a reputation as one of the hardest tracks out there across all racing circuits to date!

Fernando Alonso captures the experience best when he says that “Singapore is a bit like the Monaco of the East - it’s a very glamorous circuit in the centre of the city and the atmosphere is incredible”


But the race is not the only reason to attend - enjoy exclusive, exotic, handpicked domestic and international acts that create a one-of-a-kind event tone for partying and celebrating well into the early hours of the morning!

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