Nightlife in Split

Split is one of the most gorgeous and lively cities in Croatia. Surely, there is a reason why youngsters and backpackers rush to Split specifically, to enjoy some bar hopping and nightlife. Of course some of the coolest places are centered in the Old Town close to Diocletian’s Palace, there are however many fancy bars and clubs outside the old town too. When it comes to choosing the best venues to visit in Split, you can review the following list of the top bars and clubs in Split.

Nightlife in Old Town of Split

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Riva is one of the liveliest areas in the Old Town of Split with plenty of bars and pubs. Note that most of the places might be full especially in the weekends. Some of the hotspots are on the Riva and behind the Fruit Square.

ST-Riva is a popular bar in Split located around the Diocletian Palace, on the waterfront. You can try to find a spot outside, since there are always tables and chairs on the Riva; however, the unique thing about ST-Riva is the interior on the first floor. You can choose to enjoy a glass of nice cocktail on a balcony and enjoy the view. Similar to this venue are Congo, Cakula and Antique Bar.

Figa Food Bar is another venue in Split that shouldn’t be missed. It is divided into two parts; a restaurant and a bar. The exquisite thing about the bar is that it is literally located on the Old Town stairs which is a really unusual place to enjoy drinks. This place is popular not only among tourists but also locals and gets crowded pretty fast. It is advised to book a table beforehand to make sure to catch a spot.

Very close to Figa is located the excellent bar Academia Club Ghetto. The interior design is just splendid with the ambiance of underground vibes. This venue is always crowded since there’s always a live band playing or singing.

Gaga is a nice place in Split to visit with couples which can be found on one of the tiny streets of the City Hall area which is also known as Piaca Square among locals. It is a cozy romantic place with some great cocktails and drinks. It is recommended to arrive here at around 10pm to catch a seat.

If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful venue in Split to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, head to Luxor which is located in the centre of the old town. Some of Split’s best young musicians perform live here very often which you will surely enjoy.

Many backpackers looking for some vibrant and affordable nightlife in Split head to Charlie’s Bar where the prices for drinks and food are rather cheap compared to other bars. Despite the affordable prices, the bar has a lovely atmosphere and guarantees a good time. It is recommended to book a table beforehand to make sure to find a spot.

Fabrique pub is one of the most unique venues in Split as it is the first of its kind in the city. It offers a combination of a classic pub with Croatian ambiance where you can get draft beers, cocktails and snacks. It is possible to visit Fabrique during the day for a delicious lunch in Split and at night which transforms to a real pub. It is ideal for absolutely everyone, suitable for young and older crowds, for tourists and locals.

Nightlife outside the Old Town of Split

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Split is rather a big city with so many attractions and places to visit. Since the epicenter of the city is the Old Town, many travelers rush to this area to feel and enjoy the ancient spirit and try out some bars and pubs in this area. It is worth mentioning though that there are so many vibrant venues such as bars, clubs and nightclubs outside the Old Town too. Many locals get together particularly at the below mentioned places where everything starts not earlier than 1 am.

One of the top clubs in Split is Vanilla Club which is also close to the Old Town. It is a popular dance club, especially during the summer months. Very often there are arranged DJ events and live concerts on the terrace. Note that you need to be properly dressed and above 20 years old to be able to get in.

Bacvice beach is one of the hotspots in Croatia in general. It stands out with its attractive beaches and crystal waters. The reason why many young travelers rush to this beach specifically is also because of the booming nightlife it offers. Apart from the beach bars that can be found in every corner on the coast, there are also some nice and sophisticated bars and clubs in this area. Bacvice is one of the most special and popular clubs in Split. Most of the time techno music plays here and wild dancers spice up the nights.

Just like Bacvice Club, Tropical club is another splendid club quite popular among young travelers looking for a vibrant nightlife in Split. Although this place doesn’t have an outside terrace, it is not any less attractive and gets hit up especially after 1am.

Zenta Club is a great venue to enjoy a nice evening in Split. Located in the second bay after Bacvice, it offers mainly old school music. It is also very easy to get there from the city center. If you’re in Split in summer, you might as well find a taxi boat from the Riva. Zenta always arranges live concerts and DJ events fun not only for the young crowd but also for older generations.

Split is truly one of the liveliest young cities in Europe and in Croatia. It stands out not only with picturesque beaches and turquoise waters but also with some of the great bars and clubs. Many young travelers, backpackers, even tourists of older age visit Split to enjoy the booming lifestyle of the city and have unforgettable vacations. If you’re wondering where exactly to visit in Split to have some fun, enjoy nice drinks and cocktails and dance the night away, use some tips given above to make sure to enjoy Split nightlife to the fullest.

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