Best Beaches in Croatia

Croatia is a country with more than a thousand islands and magnificent shores. Most of the gorgeous Croatian beaches can be found in the south on the Dalmatian coast. You will have a variety of options when it comes to choosing the best beach to spend your vacations at; whether you’re a fan of sandy shores or pebbly coves, Croatia has it all. With incredible scenic spots, unique culture and history, Croatia attracts millions of visitors on a yearly basis. While planning a travel itinerary for Croatia it is also worth arranging some islands hopping tours to try many exotic beaches and different shores of the Adriatic. Below are listed some of the best beaches in Croatia you can include in your trip.

Spaiza, Susak

If you prefer to appear on a desert island and run away from everyday hassle, Susak is the place to visit. The gorgeous beach of Spiaza, entirely covered with golden sand is an excellent vacation spot in Croatia. It is quite easy to get here by ferries from Mali Lošinj which itself is an excellent touristic location away from the mainland. Spaiza beach is close to Susak village and is great especially for families with kids who can be left alone and enjoy the turquoise waters which are quite shallow, and it takes a long walk until you reach the depths of the sea. Similar to Spaiza is Bok bay which is a less touristy spot in Croatia and excellent to get away from the crowd enjoying some quiet time. Susak has some great accommodation options and nice restaurants to make your Croatian holidays even more perfect.

Queen’s Beach (Kraljičina plaža), Nin

Located 15km from Zadar close to the Velebit mountains, Queen’s beach is one of the loveliest vacation destinations in Croatia. Long sandy beaches stretching across the mountains are just perfect for summer holidays. You can enjoy quiet evenings and the mesmerizing sunsets at the beach bars while sipping on nice cocktails. Nin is a famous destination for healing and treatments too, the shore is rich in peloid mud which is an effective natural treatment for sore joints and muscles. So, you can be sure to find it all at this unique destination which is one of a kind with its gorgeous nature and tourist attractions.

Uvala Dubovica, Hvar Island

Hvar island is a popular touristic destination in Croatia known for its chic bars and vibrant nightlife. The Renaissance port of Hvar is what many travelers come after, apart from the stunning beaches of the island. There are so many attractive coves and bays towards the east of Hvar you can visit and enjoy the sun and the sea. The most popular one is Uvala Dubovica which is pebbly with shallow nature excellent for families and friends. There are many possibilities to rent yachts or motorboats to explore the surrounding areas of the coves. It is recommended to rent a scooter or a bike to get around the Hvar island since there is a parking problem for cars. You will indeed enjoy your stay at this Croatian jewel and leave with lifetime memories.

Zlatni Rat, Brač Island

Zlatni Rat which means “Golden Cape” is one of the most picture-perfect beaches in Croatia stretching towards the south of Brac Island. Although it is pretty crowded during the summer season, but it remains an excellent holiday destination. The Pebbly peninsula washed by the turquoise sea has one of a kind beauty and is ideal for honeymooners, friends and families. One side of the shore is covered with golden pebbles which even feel like sand. This side of the beach is calm covered with pine trees. The other side though is windier and welcomes surfers to catch some waves. There are so many activities in Zlatni Rat that it would be hard to get bored; scuba diving, snorkeling and also aqua park which is heaven for kids. There are plenty of excellent accommodation options on Brac island, so you will have various alternatives depending on your preferences and budget.

Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok

Sakarun Beach is located on Dugi Otok and is definitely one of the top beaches in Croatia. It is very often called the Croatian Caribbean because of its incredible white sand and crystal clear waters. The entire shore is around 800 meters long and never gets too crowded so you can be sure to have lots of fun and spend the best beach vacations here. The gorgeous bay is lined with stunning pine trees proving extra shade while you sunbathe. Sakarun is ideal for families with kids; because of the soft sand kids can play around and swim in the pure waters. Note, that this place is so untouched and pure since there are not too many hotels in the neighborhood. Sakarun is very close to Zadar, which means you can easily take charter boats to explore other nearby beaches to spice up your holidays.

Croatia truly is one of the most amazing beach vacation destinations in the world. With over 1000 islands and isles all over the country it is very easy to find perfect beaches matching your needs. Since millions of tourists visit this unique country every year, there are some excellent hotels and resorts at the shores as well as many local restaurants and bars in all corners. So don’t waste time, pack your bathing suits and flip flops and rush to book a trip to incredible Croatia and feel free to include above mentioned beaches in your travel itinerary.

Featured Image From Moritz Bechert by Pixabay

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