Beaches in Split

The Adriatic coast hides some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of these are located in Croatia, specifically around the second biggest city of Split. There is a variety of beach vacation options around this gorgeous city matching various needs of travelers. From golden sandy beaches to pebble ones, holidaymakers can choose the best coast matching their requirements. Most of the beaches are located in the southeastern side of the city and offer a big number of family friendly accommodation options all around. Almost all beaches are beautifully surrounded by crystal waters, pure and calm, so it is safe to let the children on their own to enjoy the sea and the sun. The best time to visit this exceptional vacation destination is from mid-May to mid-October when the sea temperature is the best for swimming and sunbathing. Here are some of the best beaches in Split you can choose from to include in your travel itinerary to Croatia.

Kasjuni Beach

Situated close to Kaštelet on the Marjan peninsula, Kasjuni is an excellent vacation spot. The location of Kasjuni beach is one of the best in Split. Beautifully nestled against the dark forest of Marjan and the churches in the surrounding, it has some of the best shores in Croatia with calm and clean waters. Kasjuni is excellent beach vacation option for families with kids, since the area is not rocky and has easy access into the sea. Apart from the family friendly areas Kasjuni offers, there is also a nude beach if you’re a fan. It is the best beach option if you’re looking for calm and relaxing beach vacations. The water is always warm due to the fact that the beach itself is located inside the bay.

Bačvice Beach

If you wish to dive into the local Croatian culture, you should definitely consider visiting Bačvice beach which is only 1km away from the center of Split. It is one of the liveliest beaches in Croatia and is superb for young travelers. There are plenty of bars and clubs offering vibrant nightlife apart from gorgeous shore. Of course, since it is a popular beach destination in Split it is a little too crowded during the peak season, but despite the fact that it’s so busy the water is always pure and clean. Bačvice beach has a great location, also accessible to other great beaches in the area. It is very easy to get to Ovcice beach, a relatively smaller pebble beach which also has a playground for children. The area is full of nice restaurants and cafes.

Firule Beach

Very close to the above-mentioned beach is another stunning shore called Firule with excellent sandy beaches and shallow sea. Firule being close to Bačvice has many accommodation options between the two beaches excellent for families, couples and friends. A lot of fun activities can be found in Firule such as bike tour in the surrounding forests, tennis court, open gym and playground for kids. You can spend hours under the pine trees right by the beach, enjoy the crystal clean waters and fully relax. Note that there are many sea urchins in the water, so it is advised to wear water shoes here.

Trstenik Beach

Tnstenik beach is located on the south of Paljesac peninsula right in the heart of the Trstenik bay and village. It is one of the widest shores in the area and has a private beach belonging to a hotel which means the shore is always clean and uncrowded compared to Bačvice and Žnjan. You can book your stay at Radisson Blu Resort to be close to the beach as well as visit the amazing Spa center in the neighborhood. The beach can also be accessed from the village promenade at Riva in Trstenik. Because of its excellent location, the waters here are crystal clean and warm. You can enjoy the incredible views over the channel and the sunsets. The palm trees at the shore will provide natural umbrellas for you as you sip on nice cocktails and enjoy the perfect sunny weather. The surrounding area has some local cafes and restaurants where you can find a variety of food and drinks options.

Bene Beach

Bene is one of the oldest beaches in Split located beneath Marjan which the symbol of the town of Split. Bene beach can be accessed by a small tourist train which passes by a few times a day. The area is quiet, less touristy and family friendly. You can as well find a sports center behind the beach where different sports prompts can be rented. There are some bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, so finding nice meals won’t be a problem. Bene beach really is a recreational destination in Split with a number of fun activities at your fingertips such as tennis courts, football field, playground for kids, pony rides and animated events.

Croatian beaches truly are some of the most beautiful in the world, there is a reason why more than 100 beaches have earned blue flag status which indicates the purity of the sea and land. Split is an iconic Croatian city offering many stunning beaches you can choose to spend your vacations. It is important to mention that most of the beaches in Split are not sandy but rocky; although still beautiful, family friendly and fun. The above-mentioned beaches in Split are the best and can match any needs of holiday makers. Don’t miss out, book your upcoming summer holidays by the Adriatic Sea!

Featured Image By Adrian Winter

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